A gem of French Progressive Rock. This album was released in 1981.

The band is back on the road with a new lineup.

I’ve got to say, I really enjoy this. So bad ass.

I feel like it would be amazing if the guys who do Superjail and and guys who do Adventure Time made a Heavy Metal-esque movie for this. 


So here’s a story.

My mother hires a plumber to help bring the rental house she owns up to code.
One of the projects is to get the a/c unit in the house up to standard. In doing so, the plumber totally fucks up the a/c unit’s condensation drain. This means that any time we have the a/c on (keep in mind it’s summer and has been 95+ for a while) the condensation formed has been just draining in the house.
This happened Friday afternoon. Because of how much insulation is under the unit, it took till just today for me to realize we had a problem.
I noticed it because water came seeping out from the flood when I walked out of my room.
Needless to say its been a fun morning.
Death to all plumbers.



Why Do Mosquito Bites Itch?

  • As summer ends, this science from 2011 holds true: mosquito bites are, by all reports, still itchy.
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Anatomy lesson, anonymous, 1679




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Sunsets and sunrises seen from the International Space Station.



Roger Dean, Tales from Topographic Oceans, 1973.

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WTF is that green stuff. 

I need this in my life. 

And stomach. 

and blood veins. 

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Franz Wacik. Illustrated for the humor magazine Die Muskete. c.1906-1911.

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Coyamito Agate Pseudomorph©Uwe Reier

Rancho Coyamito Norte, Mexico (2013).

Pseudomorphs in agate are quite rare but do occur in nodular agates from various locations, usually as a calcite or aragonite replacement. 

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